Transplant News for June 14th

These are my links for June 14th:

  • Lab-Grown Vein Transplanted in 10-Year-Old Girl – ABC News– Scientists in Sweden are reporting a medical first: a vein grown in a lab for a 10-year-old girl using her body’s own cells.Doctors are hailing the step as a milestone in tissue engineering, a field in which doctors grow windpipes, bladders, lungs and other organs to replace faulty ones while avoiding the dangerous, lifelong complications of organ transplants.While a handful of doctors around the world have had success growing blood vessels and other organs and transplanting them into patients, doctors said this is the first time a vein has been lab-grown and successfully transplanted using cells and parts taken entirely from the human body.

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  • Student Recovering From Kidney Transplant Graduates– Salma Alhinn had a kidney failure when she was a freshman at Mount Carmel High School. She was one of about 25 patients on the waiting list. It usually takes about a year to be called, but because of Alhinn’s rare blood type, her wait dragged on for four years.Days before her graduation on Thursday, her number was up and she had a transplant at Rady Children’s Hospital.Read more… (

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