Teen to get bone marrow transplant after seven year wait – WRTV Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS — After seven years of waiting, a Lawrence teen is preparing to receive a life-saving bone marrow transplant. Darrell Collins has severe aplastic anemia. The rare disease affects his bone marrow and immune system. “Some days I have a hard time getting out of bed. I would feel weak. A lof of things normal kids do, I don’t feel up to,” said Collins. Two years ago, his mother made a plea for members of the community to become bone marrow donors. People stepped up to organize their own marrow drives and fundraisers. Then, Collins got the call. “I’m excited, I mean I’m overjoyed, I mean I can’t really express it. This person is essentially saving my life,” said Collins. Now that there’s a bone marrow donor,  Chaklan Lacy says she’s cautiously optimistic. There’s a chance her son’s body will reject the transplant and he could spend up to a year in the hospital. He’ll travel to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital on Sunday to receive the transplant. And his mother has a message for the donor, “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. And thank you again. For saving my son’s life,” said Lacy.

Irish teen who received heart transplant could end up saving another child’s life – Irish Mirror

A teenage boy who received a heart transplant could end up saving another child as a valve from his own heart could be used as tissue to help a young baby. Teenager Sahin Yasar tells how he will be forever thankful to the heart donor who gave him a second chance at life on the moving RTE series Ministry of Hope. The observational series, which follows three Irish chaplains for a year, captures the emotional journey of Dublin lad Sahin as he is kept alive by a machine in hospital while waiting for the life-saving transplant. His mother Tina told how she wept tears of joys when he went into surgery after he was finally matched with a suitable organ. Previously, suitable hearts were available on seven occasions, but would not be a medical fit following tests. At one stage, the exhausted 16-year-old was prepped and ready for theatre when his parents had to wake him to tell him there was yet another setback. Sahin, who was born with cardiomyopathy, a cardiac condition which rapidly deteriorated at the end of last year, spent nearly eight months in hospital before this summer’s life-saving operation in the Mater Hospital. He said on

50 People To Know: The Men Behind The Lung Transplant Project – CBS New York

CBS New York

50 People To Know: The Men Behind The Lung Transplant Project
CBS New York
“Well, Jerry had cystic fibrosis, I had pulmonary fibrosis,” he says. Two men handling two different diseases. Both men saved by lung transplants. “It’s a miracle. It’s fantastic they can do this, and I’m thrilled to have somebody else’s left lung …

Good Shepherd, Transplant Foundation Team to Provide Low-Cost Medication – Memphis Daily News

VOL. 10 | NO. 41 | Saturday, October 7, 2017 SPECIAL EDITION: Health Care By Andy Meek Updated 10:51AM

Because of the high cost of their medications, transplant patients frequently are confronted with difficult-to-impossible choices in figuring out how to obtain and pay for the drugs they need.

Philip Baker, founder and CEO of Good Shepherd Pharmacy located in the Hickory Ridge Mall, started the company in 2015 and was recently honored by the Tennessee Pharmacists Association for his work. (Memphis News/Houston Cofield) That’s according to National Foundation for Transplants president and CEO Michelle Gilchrist, whose Memphis-based organization has teamed up with the local Good Shepherd Pharmacy to help bring affordable medications to transplant patients in Tennessee. As a result of the partnership, patients of the foundation – which helps out those facing financial hardship by providing grants for transplant-related expenses – now also have access to either free or at-cost prescription medications through Good Shepherd Pharmacy. Drugs covered through the arrangement include transplant-related medication, maintenance medications which led to the need for a transplant and medications prescribed as a result of adverse reactions related to treatment. “They’re a national organization and our first

SRTR announcement – Preview of New, Improved Transplant Rate, and Waitlist Mortality Models

Preview of New, Improved Transplant Rate, and Waitlist Mortality Models SRTR has updated the transplant rate and waitlist mortality models for the program-specific reports (PSRs) of kidney, liver, lung, and heart programs. The models will be used to derive the expected number of transplants and deaths on the waiting list in the January 2018 PSRs. … Continue reading “SRTR announcement – Preview of New, Improved Transplant Rate, and Waitlist Mortality Models”