Va. boy needs a bone marrow transplant –

ALEXANDRIA, VA. (WUSA9) – An Alexandria, Va. boy is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant.

Eleven-year-old Jack Creedon was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (LLS) in November of 2015. But now, even after several attempts to find matching donors, only one donor remains compatible and Jack’s chances for survival depend on the number of matches. 

Typically, family members are go-to donors, but Jack’s case is different.

Jack was adopted from Russia when he was 18 months old. As if bone marrow transplants are not complicated enough, Jack’s situation is even more involved because his family members are not genetically compatible.

Lesli and Dan Creedon, his parents, decided to search for a donor using the international bone marrow registry. The system houses approximately 30 million potential donors. Bone marrow can be removed and transported to patients across the world for next day transplants.

The registry found only two compatible donors for Jack, one of which did not pan out. The Creedons, however, are not discouraged.

“We are anxious but optimistic. Living in uncertainty of ANY kind is stressful even if you don’t realize it,” Lesli responded. “Jack is ready to find a donor, have the transplant and get it over with! He understands his disease and…has been remarkably strong and positive despite the limitations he has had.”

Jack has been the focus of two major LLS campaigns, one for Student of the Year and the other launched by Christine Thayer’s Woman of the Year program.

He also completed the fifth grade using a robot that allowed him to digitally interact with his class at Charles Barrett Elementary School in real time.

Jack’s family remains resilient too.

Lesli Creedon has called attention to her son’s cause through a broad range of social media platforms. The #Heroes4Jack video can be viewed here.

Recently, the family has inspired a series of “swabbing” events. Over 40 locals flocked to St. John the Baptist, a Russian Orthodox Church in the District, to swab their saliva for DNA compatibility testing. Coworkers of Lesli’s at the National Zoo and of Dan’s at the Federal Aviation Administration also joined the swabbing efforts.

Jack has been a fighter for the past seven months and intends to continue fighting. Despite his roadblocks, his infectious sense of humor is unwavering.

Anyone can support the cause to help Jack and others affected by LLS by visiting Be The Match.


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